My husband and I did this tour on our honeymoon and it was incredible!! We went on the Deluxe Bora Bora Exclusive. The boat holds 6 couples, we only had 2 other couples in the boat, so it is very intimate, but plenty spacious and you get to meet other people from different places. Our Captain Will and guide Vairea were friendly, funny, and so knowledgeable about everything you would ever need to know about the islands and Polynesian culture.

First, we swam with stingrays and some sharks !! (The sharks were not as scary as it sounds) Our captain Will fed and handled the stingrays so we could all pet them and take photos of them up close.

Next, we went to deeper water where we snorkeled and saw some amazing fish and coral.

After that, we traveled to a different location to swim with more sharks. It was amazing how docile the sharks were around us (of course we respected their boundaries which helped keep them that way).

Finally, we traveled to a private beach for lunch. Vairea showed us how to prepare a traditional Polynesian dish which included fresh tuna, veggies, and coconut milk, and it was absolutely best thing I ate all week. They also cooked us grilled chicken, fish, beef, salad, and potatoes. After lunch, we walked through the trees to the other side of the small private beach to see the ocean on that side. When we came back, they had champagne and fresh fruit waiting for us.

They gave us all flowers to wear in our hair and then took us back to our resorts.

Overall, it was a truly amazing experience and I highly recommend taking this tour! 🙂

Celina, Texas
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